Angus Ranches
Ione, Ukiah, and Pilot Rock, Oregon
P.O. Box 356, 66062 Highway 74, Ione, Oregon 97843   ~   (503) 784-8691
Our program has consistently focused on the end user, that being the consumer of beef.  We believe that providing the consumer with an enjoyable and nutritious eating experience every time they purchase beef should be the goal of the industry.  Carcass quality is an important focus at Corsair Angus Ranch, however we haven’t pushed the envelope on these traits at the expense of structural soundness and maternal characteristics. Putting this all into one package for our herd sire customers will remain our vision for the future.

We do have an on-site feedlot program for steers and heifers from our commercial herd.  These animals have typically entered our finishing program providing valuable data to our operation and our genetic program.  Some of our sires coming out of our pure-bred program are retained for our commercial program.