Angus Ranches
Ione and Ukiah, Oregon 
P.O. Box 356, 66062 Highway 74, Ione, Oregon 97843   ~   (541) 422-7270
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the beef industry over the past 20 years.  Some of us can still remember 85 cent feeder cattle from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Sometimes a look back provides insight as to where our focus for the future should be.  So what took us to prices well over $1.65 per cwt. less than a decade later? Obviously, it was consumer demand and on the forefront of what spurred demand was the launching of a number of successful beef quality programs, like Certified Angus Beef, Rancher’s Reserve, and a number of others.  The industry made a conscious shift from being mere cattle producers to being truly engaged in delivering a quality eating experience to the consumer.  Along with that, we have recently regained access to markets which were closed to US imports due to BSE outbreaks in the dairy industry in the late 1990's. Consumption of the higher quality cuts is on the increase in Japan, Korea, and even China, largely due to the popularity of Certified Angus Beef from the USA in these countries, as well.  We need to continue our quest for quality, as there are already other foreign competitors trying to "knock off" our brand, (i.e. Certified Angus Beef from Argentina, which I discovered in a market in Peru).  

The focus of Corsair Angus Ranch is to deliver genetics to the cattle industry with a vision towards improving carcass quality and maternal traits simultaneously.  The selection criteria for our reference sires is towards individuals with high fleshing ability, calving ease, moderate maternal milk, and high repeatability for improved marbling and ribeye area.  Udder quality is a trait that is often neglected in making a selection of a herd bull,, but it is critically important in mastitis prevention and believe it or not scours prevention in calves. Cows have to be functionally sound, yet have the inate ability to efficiently convert grass into milk and muscle to be able not only support her growing calf, but more importantly breed back for next year.  Our goal is to provide that in the bulls offered in this catalog to you.

This year, we are breaking from our tradition of private treaty sales, and will hold our 1st inaugural sale on March 6th, 2014.  We will be selling 57 yearling and two year old angus bulls, and 40 open heifers.  We would like to invite you to our ranch to view the animals offered for sale this year.  Whether or not you purchase a bull or heifer from Corsair Angus Ranch, we are always interested in listening to your thoughts, your needs, and your goals for the future of your ranching operations and look forward to sharing some of your ideas for the continued success of the beef industry. 


Steve Puntenney, Ph.D.