Angus Ranches
Ione, Ukiah, and Pilot Rock, Oregon

My family began in the registered Angus business in 1968, where I developed my love of this breed.  My training has been in animal nutrition, and over the years the feeding industry has been very kind to me.  Now, my wife, Jan, and I operate the ranch.

Corsair Angus Ranch was established in 2007 near the Eastern Oregon town of Ione.  The home ranch is 560 acres, including irrigated pastures, alfalfa hay production, and native dry range.  We grow most of the hay our animals consume as well as a small amount of wheat. In 2011, we purchased a second ranch near Ukiah, Oregon, and in 2014 a third ranch in the mountains east of Pilot Rock, OR where our cows spend the spring and summer grazing seasons.

We have slowly been replacing the 75 year old fences around and within the properties, and this is definitely a labor of love.  The long term goal is to have a sufficient number of small pastures to allow for rotational grazing where animals are moved to new grass every four days, allowing for maximum grass production following Voissan's model of intensive grazing.  To this end, we have installed several center pivot irrigation systems, which offer efficiencies in both labor and water usage.

Cows are bred one service AI and subsequently placed with one of our herd sires for the next heat cycle.  In order to provide research animals for feeding trials, we utilize two calving seasons, spring and fall.  This allows us to offer bulls for sale that fit the needs of both spring and fall calving customers.

Corsair Ranch Angus cows are well known for their docility and approachability.  This is the result of genetic disposition as well as gentle handling and caring ranch management.  We have placed a lot of our direction in developing handling facilities that are low stress, safe, and efficient for both our animals and our employees.