Angus Ranches
Ione, Ukiah, and Pilot Rock, Oregon 
Our program is grass based utilizing mountain pastures in the spring and summer in a rotational grazing system.  Cows forage on hard grass dry range in the winter supplemented with enough high quality alfalfa hay to meet their gestational protein requirements, along with a specially formulated mineral-vitamin supplement.  Calves are weaned in the fall and go into a gain test in our ranch feedlot, where square footage per animal is several times industry standards.  

One of our goals is to provide high-end restaurant quality natural beef direct to consumers.  Animals from our commercial operation and those that don't meet/exceed our criteria for our genetic program are enrolled in our consumer beef program. While animals have been raised on an all grass diet up to this point, they now transition to ranch raised hay and local barley (still a high forage diet), until just the right level of marbling and tenderness has been achieved.  We have found through our trials that the best of both worlds can be achieved by a marriage of two popular programs, grass fed and finished beef, and that if moderate amounts of grain are utilized in the last stage of finishing, a supreme dining experience can be enjoyed by our Corsair Angus beef consumers.  Corsair Angus Beef is always antibiotic free.

All feed ingredients are locally sourced within 15 miles of the home ranch.  

We like quiet cattle and emphasize low stress handling and management.