Angus Ranches
Ione, Ukiah, and Pilot Rock, Oregon
We continue to have many ranch visitors, both fellow cattlemen as well as consumers from the Portland area, who are interested in learning about the beef industry and how their food is raised.  We appreciate the opportunity to tell our story to these young families. Please come for a visit.

We are dealing with an increasing wolf and other large predator problem and we took significant losses during the 2016 grazing season.  We attribute most of this to bears, however we now have wolf OR30 and his pack inhabiting the area around our Ukiah Ranch and know there has also been wolf activity in the area of our Pilot Rock Ranch.  

We are continuing to work on spring development on the mountain properties to ensure target distribution of stock consistent with our grazing plan.

Both the Ukiah and Pilot Ranches are now fully up to speed and we are enjoying the mountains, as are the cows.  A friend once said, "If you're luck enough to live in the mountains, you're lucky enough."  I agree.

We are continuing with our fully automated irrigation system and hope to have it on line for hay production this spring.  This should be a huge labor savings.

We continue to search for elite females for our embryo transfer program.  We purchased more embryos at the National Western Stock Show and have expanded this program.  One of our donor cows CAR Pride 3001 now EPD's in the top1% of the breed for $B and is in the top 10% for several other traits.
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