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Dear Corsair Friends and Customers,

For 2022, we have a smaller set of bulls available to be sold in a private treaty sale. The sale will feature 9 2 yr. old bulls and 8 high end yearling bulls.  We downsized the herd in 2021 to allow us to focus on the advanced genetics of our upcoming heifers.  We will increase from here back up to 150 mother cows, which matches up with our land base.  If you have the time, we would like to invite you to the ranch in Ione, OR to view the animals offered for sale this year. Whether or not you purchase a bull or heifer from Corsair Angus Ranch, we are always interested in listening to your thoughts, your needs, and your goals for the future of your ranching operations and look forward to sharing some of your ideas for the continued success of the beef industry.

The focus of Corsair Angus is to deliver high value genetics to the cattle industry with a vision towards simultaneously improving carcass quality and maternal traits. Our selection criteria for both sires and dams continues to be towards individuals with calving ease, moderate maternal milk, big scrotal circumferance EPD and high marbling.  We have moderated our position on calving ease targeting sires that will deliver calves in a target range of 75 – 80 lb. for first calf heifers. We think that selecting for extreme calving ease will eventually result in a herd of females with reduced pelvic scores and a tendency towards increased dystocia. Additionally, extremely small calves rarely catch up to their larger contemporaries by weaning and are at higher risk for hypothermia. The genetics for udder quality is often hidden in making the selection of a herd bull, since one rarely has views the dam prior to the purchase of a bull. Our selection criteria continues to be towards cows with level udders, moderate teat length, and square teat placement. This ideal cow has the ability to efficiently convert grass into milk and muscle to be able not only support her growing calf, but more importantly breed back next year. 

I’m often asked where the name Corsair originated as the name of our ranch. Aside from my interest in general aviation and being an enthusiast of the World War II fighter aircraft, the Corsair F4U, there’s a bit more to the significance of the name. Corsair of Ballindalloch was a legacy Angus sire born in 1888 and bred by Sir George MacPherson Grant in Scotland. This sire emerged just as Britain was recovering from the rinderpest plague, which resulted in the eradication of most of Scotland’s cattle herd. This sire played a significant role in the recovery of the Angus breed.

We hope you can make it for a visit to view the animals this year. We are always interested in hearing about your progress on your herd towards your goals.   Please give us a call and let us know your schedule.


Steve Puntenney, Ph.D.
Corsair Angus Ranches
2022 Private Treaty Bull Sale
at the Ione Ranch
Selling 17 Yearling and 2 Year Old Bulls